Cold Storage Warehouse in California

Cold Storage WarehouseDSW Distribution Centers, Inc. provides cold storage warehousing (at temperatures between 34° and 65°F) at state-of-the-art distribution facilities in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We currently handle a variety of clients in many different business sectors. Our refrigerated warehouse is more than 200,000 sq. ft. and can handle upwards of 7,000 pallets throughput weekly.

Cold Storage Warehouse with Ambient Temperature Unloading

Our cold storage warehouse utilizes direct trailer-level, sheltered and cushioned dock equipment. This allows trucks to unload straight into our warehouse. Many logistics companies don’t offer this, and therefore require the trucks to be unloaded outside, then transported into the warehouse.  This direct access is important so trucks can unload without products being exposing to the outside elements or heat. This allows DSW to remove the additional docking or staging processes. We go straight from the truck into the temperature controlled coolers bypassing the need to stage or dock the refrigerated loads.

Cold Storage – Who Needs Temperature Controlled Warehousing?

Businesses who manufacture products such as dairy and fruit-juice beverages, pharmaceuticals, chocolate and baking ingredients, and general perishable products to list a few. Many companies use a cold storage warehouse somewhere along the route to their final destination. If you’re on the market for Temperature Controlled Warehousing in Southern California, get in touch to find out what solutions we offer for your storage needs.

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