DSW invests in environmentally friendly cooler systems, energy management programs and paperless communication! Our GREEN Initiatives!

DSW Distribution Centers, Inc. is pleased to announce it has invested over $600,000 in its Rancho Cucamonga Distribution Center over the past few years towards environmental efforts.  In 2017 and 2018, DSW worked with its vendors to improve its 200,000 square foot cooler and refrigeration equipment based upon DSW’s “Green” objectives; that is to reduce emissions and energy usage while also complying with strict California government regulations. While California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations are controversial, DSW’s proactive plans ensures compliance.  A new HD UNITY Control Panel was installed to manage the cooler systems control after DSW converted the system to R407c Environmentally Friendly Freon Fuel.  Software with Remote Management by our refrigeration vendor-partner and our DSW Team adds additional tools to ensure our customers’ products stay cold and safe!

DSW engaged STEM Energy Management Systems to install an Energy Battery Storage System with Tesla Equipment and STEM Software to help reduce our energy usage when the local grid, SCE, needs help.  DSW also participates in Demand Response Programs with Enel X (ENERNOC) Programs to reduce energy usage during Peak Events in Southern California.

In addition; DSW invested in brand new Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Software that are EDI compliant and meets all of our special value-added program requirements.  We even created a new Smartphone Application that controls inventory transactions by QR Codes and Bar Codes thereby taking the next step in technology from typical RF Bar Code Scanning Guns. Our WMS provides enhanced access for our customers 24/7 for LIVE Reports, Online Order Entry and Historical Transactions.  We also “Push Reports” via email in real-time to keep our customers easily informed by just checking their Email Inbox!

Our new WMS Systems and Partnership Standard Operating Procedures have eliminated paper from the supply chain and US Mail, further highlighting our commitment to Green Initiatives!

At DSW, we really have spent the last decade getting ready for the next!   Call us today!




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