Food Retailer Distribution Center in Southern California

Food Retailer Distribution Center - Arial View of DSW Distribution Centers, Inc.

Food Retailer Distribution Center – Arial View of DSW Distribution Centers, Inc.

What is a Food Retailer Distribution Center?

A food retailer distribution center, also known as a food wholesaler distribution center, is a warehouse for food storage and distribution. To put it another way, imaging you have a new food product, like a granola bar. You have a manufacturing plant, but you have no way to get it to all the Jim’s grocery stores in Southern California. This is where a food retailer distribution center comes in to play. Your food goes from the manufacturing plant to the food retailer distribution center. Once there, it is stored and distributed as necessary to each retail location.

What makes a good Food Retailer Distribution Center?

First off, you need to determine your needs.

  • Do you need a Cold Storage Warehouse in California, or is ambient storage enough for your food goods?
    • Not all foods need to be stored in a refrigerated warehouse, but if yours does, be sure to ask about the warehouses plans for things like power outages.
  • What type of Emergency Recall Procedure does the company have in place?
    • Over 45% of those companies can not recall a specific item/lot without impacting other items/lots.
  • Do you plan on having special orders? What about custom packaging, tape, or bubble wrap?
    • DSW is happy to work with our clients on custom packing requests. We have many current clients with their own boxes, tape, pamphlets, DVD’s and other custom packaging requests.
  • Do you need e-commerce order fulfillment?
    • Do you plan on selling your product on an e-commerce website? Would you like a food retailer distribution center with e-commerce order fulfillment capabilities? DSW Distribution Centers, Inc. offers this service, so contact us today and find out what we can do for you.
  • Do you utilize EDI or plan to?
    • You can automate the shipping process by utilizing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This way when your stock hits a certain level, the warehouse can automatically pick and ship the required product.

How do I find the best Food Retailer Distribution Center for my needs?

The best thing to do is put together a list of “interview” questions you will ask prospective food retailer distribution centers. Then call or email the companies serving your geographic target area, and interview them. If you like what they have to say, request an in-person tour of their warehouse. Most companies should be happy to give you a tour. Be wary of those companies not allowing you to see their facilities. 


DSW Distribution Centers, Inc.

Celebrating 40 years of distribution experience in 2013, DSW is a family-owned food and pharmaceutical grade, multi-temperature controlled food retailer distribution center and 3rd party logistics company (3PL). We specialize in perishable food and beverage products, raw materials, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and select Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). We have over 15 State Board of Pharmacy Licenses and two Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. We are Organic Certified and hold a Processed Food Registration with The State of California. We have a USDA Grade Clean Room on-site for reclamation, sampling, repacking and sorting of exposed food products.  Many customers from all over the world ship products into our facilities for fulfillment throughout North America. We also provide worldwide export services of USA Domestic Products out of the Ports of LA and Long Beach. We are proud experts at managing Retailer Routing Compliance Guides! We have many collaborative alliances with other companies for port drayage, co-packers, packaging materials, national transportation, and affiliate distribution centers across the nation. Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

  • Hands-On Management Team!
  • All-Inclusive Rate Structure!
  • We Understand Retailer Routing Guides!
  • We Pick & Pack E-Commerce Fulfillment Orders!
  • We Provide Ucc-128, Scc-14 Labels!
  • Multiple Licensed Programs!
  • High-Security Modern Facility!
  • Excellent Distribution Location!
  • 24/7 On-Line Visibility Of Inventory & Performance Reports (Kpi’s/Benchmarks)!

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