Freight and Transportation Programs
“Cost-Effective Service” Refrigerated, Dry, and Biotech Transportation Services!!  DSW has developed a variety of transportation programs to meet the diverse delivery requirements of our customers.  Our Transportation Department provides complete coordination of carrier selection through a strong base of common carrier partners on DSW’s discount programs.  Our Transportation Department also assists in coordinating pickup and delivery scheduling with your group of carriers.  Also, DSW Transportation Services, our in-house asset-based carrier, provides daily delivery services throughout Southern California.  Our cost-effective programs range from discounted LTL, truckload service, flatbed service, DSD Retail and consolidation services. DSW has strong partnerships with drayage companies providing shuttle services between ocean ports, rail yards, DSW, and your customers. Whatever your transportation requirements, DSW will assist and tailor a cost-effective program to ensure you get the best value for your dollars spent. 
DSW Customer / Consignee Pick-up Program”Flexibility and Quick Turnarounds” ~ As many companies in Southern California are involved in ‘back-haul programs’, DSW’s Management Team is continually committed to provide the highest level of service possible.  DSW’s Warehouse and Transportation Team meet regularly with many major retail and food service companies on continuous improvement and collaborative distribution initiatives. By working closely together on a regular basis, DSW’s personnel develop a strong understanding of consignees’ delivery and pickup program requirements.  In addition, we monitor service levels and customer satisfaction in both ‘delivery’ and ‘pickup’ areas.  This collaborative exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge benefits all parties, and enables DSW to provide the highest standards of distribution excellence. We offer drop-trailers, evening access programs, and Express Will-Call Doors ! Retailers and Distributors sincerely choose to pick-up at DSW because of our fast and friendly service!