Services & Benefits


“Unique Logistics Programs Created to Meet Your Needs.”

At DSW, our people, systems, and facility design department are trained to create new cost-efficient distribution programs to meet new challenges our customers face in our ever-changing industry. We have developed some of the most innovative custom-software enhancements for managing inventory, forecasting, and fulfillment for code date sensitive and high-value products. We have a highly trained staff, and secured official credentials in the areas of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Food and Drug (FDA) regulations, and customers’ corporate standards outlined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Quality Assurance protocols. We enhance our facilities to meet all government regulations, and customer requirements for security, food safety, pest control, sanitation, inventory management, and operational procedures.  Our high-valued products, including pharmaceuticals, are stored in six-gauge steel security cages with the best in state-of-the-art security monitoring systems.

“Specialized Services & Benefits to Meet Your Needs.”

All DSW customers are assigned to a specific Customer Service Representative (CSR) enabling a single knowledgable communications interface between our customers and DSW’s Operations Management. In essence, this person acts as your on-site dedicated employee with total responsibility ensuring we meet all of your requirements in servicing your account. Each CSR has responsibility for monitoring the total order cycle, and administer proactive communications to the customer’s staff based on your requirements.  Proactive customer communication includes notification of ‘cuts’ due to lack of product, ship date changes, customer returns, hold/embargo product, non-salable dating and other supply chain issues which may affect your business. Each CSR has very broad authority along with cutting-edge technological tools to ensure our service commitment to you is met on a continuous, and timely basis.

“DSW Total Product Monitoring System Designed to Serve You.”

At DSW, we proactively work directly with our customers to solve problems with proprietary software that is more flexible than ‘canned’ WMS packages.  Many of these ‘off the shelf’ software packages are commonly found at many of the ‘larger’ regional, national, and global warehousing providers. Customized software, and on-staff programmers enable our Management Team to create programs that ensure continuous improvement and increased efficiencies.  We save our customers time and money!  Our customized software system tightly controls with maximum accuracy! All accessable 24/7 on-line from your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet!

Customer Product Codes and Part Numbers
Code Dates; Lot numbers; Batch; Line Items
DSW Warehouse Location Numbers
Minimum Code Date; Shelf Life monitoring
100% Product Rotation including Selective Search
Product Availability versus Inbound / Open Orders
Immediate Product Recall and Historical Reports
Descending Aged Reports avoiding non-salable issues